10 Smart Tips to Become a Reliable Marketer

I don’t have any basics about marketing when I started my career at an educational institution in the city of Lunpia. What I know about marketing is the work of a salesperson who is door to door offering a product. Until the second I entered my world at one of the franchise education institutions, I also did not intend to learn about marketing and the scent. At that time I knew that I applied to be a teaching staff and academic whose job was to convey the knowledge I had to people who were in need. Marketing and everything related to it is none of my business.

It turned out that my assumption was wrong. It was precisely through this institution that I became acquainted with real marketing. That marketing is not something that is often connoted by only selling products from one house to another. Marketing is the spearhead of a business. Without the right marketing, any sexy product or service will not ring and produce assets.

One thing that I later learned from my experience for almost three years at the institution was that every line of an agency, institution or company must be an adequate marketing department for the progress and development of their business. Of course, every part of the company has different ways of running their marketing techniques. Just as a teaching staff in an institution must polish itself to appear attractive so that students will feel at home and keep learning in that place is an example of a way of marketing that can be done by a teacher. While a customer service can market service products from these institutions by being welcome and friendly to clients so they feel comfortable to entrust their children to study at the institution.

More and more days later I also felt the marketing in the real concept where I was required to design a pamphlet to attract interested clients so they had to take to the streets and distribute the flyers. And then I found a point that marketing is a necessary and very important thing to learn. Even when someone is no longer working in an office, marketing is still the main thing we must know; market your abilities so that people will be interested in using our talents.

Through the experience of marketing service products that turned out to be not easy, it made me even more curious to be a reliable marketing. Luckily I was able to find Veronica Ratna Ningrum, a marketing expert and marketing consultant, through a Personal Branding Agency as well as a leading script agency in Indonesia, Indscript Creative explained the success formula and tips for marketing players.

Here are 10 smart marketing tips:

1. Be EYES. A marketing agent must know the conditions and needs of the market, so be a spy in your market. According to Veronica, market needs are a guide to your marketing success. If a marketer does not care about market needs, then seeking satisfaction with oneself will not bring profit to his business.

2. Treat CUSTOMER as KING. It seems like an ancient slogan. But according to Veronica, the customer will determine the success of a business. You can imagine when a customer is disappointed with our service, then convey his disappointment to the public, then the company’s image will fall. Not to mention losing customers, it will be a serious problem for the survival of a business.

3. Be an EXECUTOR. According to Veronica, a marketing agent must be able to become an executor. The executor does not just make a decision, but does an analysis of a decision that will be made.

4. Sharpen INTUITION. Marketing players must have a sharp intuition. With the sharpness of intuition, a marketing agent knows how to do, how to do a program to be successful, and how to satisfy clients.

5. Perform MARKET SURVEYS. Market surveys are one of the most important parts of the marketing world. In conducting market surveys, include surveys about the level of customer satisfaction, consumer opinions about our products, consumer opinions about the quality of service from our company. All of that is useful as an evaluation of marketing as well as to find the best formula to target potential markets.

6. Do COMPETITOR SURVEYS. Sometimes a business owner forgets that outside of the business he created, there are competitors or competitors. By conducting surveys, we can create the uniqueness or strength of our business to appear different from competitors. Applying competitive prices, increasing the value added side of products, or improving packaging, are some tricks to create product uniqueness and attract consumer interest.

7. Create a SHADOW MARKETER. In the world of marketing, this is known as Ghost Marketing. This shadow marketer will promote the presence of our products indirectly, and create a positive impression of the product, so that the masses recognize our products.

8. Spawn INNOVATION. Do and always make marketing innovations. Innovation in marketing strategies greatly supports business success.

9. Make them LOYAL CONSUMERS. Maintaining customers like a king by listening to their opinions, providing solutions for their needs, and always providing the best service. In this way, the customer will feel at home and will not move to another heart.

10. Give EVALUATION. If you work in a team, then give input to the production team or providers of goods and services, so that the quality of products sold can continue to increase.