How To Become Intelligent Marketing

There are seven moves in the marketing revolution that I convey. if you do it to the maximum, you can get awesome results.

If you do it to the fullest, you can get awesome results:
• We must concentrate on the ultimate advantage, sensational offer, and powerful promise.
• Perform five marketing efforts
• All actions must be measured and the smallest tests first
• Tipping point
• Income-related productivity
• Monitoring
• Price principle, very cheap or dark

Concentration on UPS

If in normal / general marketing, be careful: U = unique, S = selling, P = proposition. that is, when doing a marketing system, we must have a difference with the others. But, in this matter, UPS for me is among the keys to the success of marketing revolution. As for what I mean, here are: U = ultimate advantage, S = sensational offer, and P = powerful promise abbreviation usp I first got from Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G Allen in his one minute millionare book.

When doing one business, we must first know clearly the superiority of what we have compared to others. for example we are both the same, open a soto shop. the question is, why does someone have to buy soup in our restaurant? why not in another area? The key, we must have excellence. if we have no advantages and the same as others, we are meant to move in the field of commodity business. if we move in the commodity field, it is difficult for us to get even greater profits. because, the margin we get is not very thick. My advice is that you continue to have an advantage over others, there are two things that can be done, namely:

Plus for example we sell soup. if we have been able to become that the whole soto is the same as the others, then what we first think about is what is the ultimate advantage of our Soto restaurant compared to the others? We can say that what we sell is soto with larger pieces of meat, sliced ​​in slices with good-looking slices, and using meat from the right side of the chest. plus the meat feels soft and full of seasoning.
Because of that, a large banner can be installed in front of the restaurant that rings, our soto uses meat from the right side of the chest, white, and smooth. guaranteed delicious and delicious!

I believe that some people can be interested in promotions like that because we can provide one ultimate advantage compared to other soto restaurants. if we really can provide a guarantee of taste and high quality, it is certain that the number of visitors who can buy Soto is also increasing. besides that, we can also begin to change the size of the menu offered.

Perhaps it also changes the menu variations, and there are many more. in essence, you should be able to change and add. must always track the ultimate advantage product or service that we offer. must have an advantage over other products. when I was interviewed by a reporter from a leading men’s magazine, the reporter asked me seriously. Is it really excessive that the pack is comparable to the other speakers? So I replied, I have three overheads called the ultimate advantage. First, my knowledge is street smart. means, I teach from what I have practiced first. but other speakers might just study from a new book, then teach, even though they haven’t practiced it first.

Secondly, my method of delivery is fun and makes people motivated. third, my endurance is very strong. the parable, at the time I held a financial revolution seminar, on the first day (Friday) starting at 18:00 and finished at 2:00 in the morning. the next day starts at 09.00 a.m. and is finished at 3:00 a.m.
Then on the third day (week), the seminar begins at 09.00 a.m. to 8 p.m. the tone is that I can continue to be loud and keep on being excited. and most recently, especially in one month, I can hold 52 seminars with tones and abilities that are always awesome. but the other speakers may be very excited at first, but after 1 full day they start less especially not motivating in the delivery.
In everyday life, the ultimate advantage can be exemplified as follows. if we live, it is superior compared to the dead (for example due to a plane accident). but if all life, meaning life is not only an advantage. then if we behave honestly, that is superiority when others are dishonest.