4 Top White Hat Strategies For Best SEO Performance

Many specialists have termed Black Hat SEO strategies simply as good strategies gone entirely wrong.

Both Black hat and White hast strategies have often worked, the only difference comes in when both strategies are tested for a long time.

Black hat strategies do not endure for a long time compared to their counterpart; white hat strategies.

Gaining backlinks to pages has always and is still an influential tactic Blackheart strategies have employed however whiteheart strategies Rely on genuine guest blogging, partnerships, and honest testimonials.

The Google Search algorithm is constantly being updated and systems that I used  to index websites or award search engine optimization is constantly changing

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However, studies have shown that employing white hat SEO strategies might result in an increase in traffic to a website.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the White Hat strategies.

Employing a Mobile-First Approach.

By 2020 research uncovered that more people review web pages from mobile devices compared to desktop computers.

This was discovered in 2016 which forced Google to adopt a mobile-first indexing system.

Therefore it is of great significance that such engine optimizations take on a mobile-first approach more Kindly to increase traffic.

This means that when designing a website the page contents and its elements should be accessible on mobile devices.

Images an important element old lord if properly and skill proportionally to the type of device the site is being accessed with.

If your site doesn’t obey these concepts then you can kiss your chance of landing your webpage on the first search engine result page goodbye.

Pick out Smart Keywords.

Needless to build an SEO strategy that includes high keyword difficulty and higher search volume.

This means using highly competitive keywords that are intensely searched.

To achieve the best results, opt for medium-range keywords instead of highly competitive keywords.

This will resultantly boost your middle-of-the-pack KD scores in the 50s and 70s on a 100-point scale.

If you are new to the concept of keyword research, then you should consider using a keyword research tool as your first step.

A keyword research tool will analyze your competitors’ software engineer optimization data and generate a list of keywords that will achieve the best results for you.

From that list, you can easily find smart keywords on which you can build your content on.

Optimize on rich snippets.

Rich snippets are added data that is normally pulled from a page’s HTML and most of the time lead to a high organics click-through rate.

Recent third-party reports that have been conducted have indicated that 0.3% of websites follow google’s rich snippet enhancement tool known as Schema.

Also, another point to be keen on is that despite all these more than one-third of all of the best performing search results incorporate rich snippets.

This suggests that it is imperative to include structured data in your website from which rich snippets are derived from.

This will in turn improve your click-through rate which will resultantly improve your overall software engine optimization strategy performance.

Adjusting to current strategies.

The days that your website could rank among the first due to spam advertisements or paid backlinks are long gone.

Today, for your page to be ranked among the first in a SERP you will need to employ a proper White Hat software engine optimization strategy.

White hat software engine optimization strategies focus on organic networks that foster high authority backlinks.

This is in direct contrast to black hat strategies that dwell on paid backlinks or sponsored guest posts.

A successful page will bikini on creating strong and value-added content that will be optimized for mobile devices.


The google algorithm utilizes thousands of signals when you come up with which pages to rock for such results nothing.

Being aware of which factors carry the most weight in optimization is the difference between having a successful site or a site that is prone to failure.

We have discussed above some of the best tips to follow, for the best software engineer optimization performance that follows white hat strategies.

Focusing on the areas discussed above will significantly increase the amount of organic traffic on your page in cars and might double or triple your overall total traffic.