Effective Marketing Concept You Should Know

The marketing concept in this digital era has become a concept that is quite broad in meaning. Companies are required to know and know consumers better and create brands that suit consumer needs.  The overall goal for the company is to be able to generate profits through customer satisfaction. The marketing plan can be part of the business plan as a whole or as a whole. Companies must implement a solid marketing strategy as the basis of a well-crafted marketing plan. Marketing planning within a company will assist with pushing a consumer-oriented philosophy into the total business system and serve as a guide for successful brand promotion efforts. The following are some effective marketing concepts that you should know:

Marketing Concept

1. Production Concept

The production concept emphasizes that consumers will favor products that are available at all times. This concept is production oriented by mobilizing all efforts in achieving high product efficiency and can be widely distributed. Consumers must be able to accept brands that are widely available with all their purchasing power. Companies that are very concerned about using the production concept generally focus too narrowly on production activities. The production concept aims to encourage consumers to buy products that the company has produced or has distributed to the market.

2. Product Concept

The product concept emphasizes that consumers will favor products with the best quality, performance, and characteristics. The management task of a company is to produce quality products that will be considered by consumers as high quality products with the best appearance. In the marketing concept, the product concept requires companies to give importance to the features or quality of the products they produce. Companies should actively think about long-term business development patterns by making products that only match the best quality standards to promote to consumers.

3. Sales Concept

The sales concept is oriented towards consumer satisfaction, so companies must be able to carry out aggressive brand sales and promotions. It is not enough for a company to just make goods and wait for customers to buy the product.

4. Marketing Team Concept

The marketing team concept is the key to achieving company goals which consist of market needs and wants. By emphasizing the marketing team concept, it is hoped that a company will be able to satisfy consumers far better and more efficiently than competing brands. Consumers who act as buyers are kings. So, it is very important for companies to produce products or brands that consumers want. Thus, consumers will get satisfaction and the company will get maximum profit.

5. Social Marketing Concept

The social marketing concept places great emphasis on the company’s task of determining the needs, wants, and interests of target audiences.