Learn More On Spinrewriter Paragraph Rewriter & Wordai and Check A Brief History Of Article Spinning

The internet is filled with conversations and communication about article spinning and whether it can create devastating effects on your website or not. However, all those people that are talking about it do now understand how this particular technology functions and operates.

For some people, technology will help you create hundreds of unique and original articles by implementing a single one. For others, it is a way to defeat plagiarism detection technology.

Some people are using spinrewriter paragraph rewriter & wordai while others choose different spinning software based on their requirements. We can say that all the statements we have mentioned above are correct, but you will not get the full story.

If you wish to understand the idea of article spinning, you should realize more about the history of technology.

The Early Years Of Spinning

The first software that got media attention when it comes to article spinning is Articlebot that entered the market in 2004, but it became prominent one year after.

It was the primary tool that users would copy and paste content into it, and by using the spinning method, it could generate thousands of articles based on a single one.

Have in mind that it did not have RSS scraper and it did not affect article directories. When talking about the ethics of this particular tool, we can say that the creator stated that he wanted to combat search engine algorithms from stifling free speech.

This particular tool has been used as the part of black hat SEO tool with the idea to provide you a large quantity of original content that you can share afterward on third-party websites. Click here to learn more on black hat SEO tips that will help you boost your business.

This was especially vital at the time and the main concerns that search engines had been how to create a way to unable ranking for duplicate content.

Even though they claimed that they did not penalize duplicate content, the truth is that pages with similar content would fade away when compared with websites that share more considerable authority.

That is when spammers decided to shift away from duplicating and repeating the same content over and over again, which is why they chose to use article-spinning software to save both time and money.

However, after a while, many software and tools entered the market with the same features as ArticleBot. The most prominent competitor was Webspinner. The effects of competition affected ArticleBot software, and by mid-2010, they shut down for the first time.

The Golden Age of Article Spinning

During the mid-2005 and until the end of 2010, the era of article spinning entered the market, and this particular practice was the most common choice for marketers to help you reach high rankings on search engines.

Throughout these years, article spinners wanted to play a game of numbers. They created millions of pages of content with the idea to gain recognition and traction with search engines.

The sheer numbers provided a victory, and that was a successful campaign during this particular period.

The Panda Changed Everything

In early 2011, Google decided to implement the most significant and controversial algorithm changes that affected 12% of all search results. They wanted to fight off people that are spinning content, and they shot everything back with this particular change.

The update didn’t aim at the spinning site; it created havoc to a phenomenon called content farms where sites would pay human to write low-quality articles.

The main features of content farms included plenty of ads, low engagement, and low-quality content, which is why these spam sites fell. Panda update was preceded by Penguin update in 2012 that directly affected spam sites.

Check out this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Panda to learn more on Google Panda algorithm.

A New Perspective

Even though people think that article spinning is dead after the latest algorithm update, most websites are still using it since the newest software feature AI that is almost impossible to differentiate from a human hand.

The implementation of AI into publishing will allow bloggers and portals to use this particular technology for more compelling and demanding works.

As time goes by, artificial intelligence will become cheaper and easier to get, which means that it will be part of article writing future.