Some advantages and disadvantages business of work from home

For the past few weeks, many companies have implemented work from home. This is one of the social distancing efforts to reduce the spread of the Corona virus or Covid-19.

For some, the Work from home policy may sound more relaxed. You can save money, you don’t need to dress up neatly, you can work in your room while wearing your pajamas or snack as you please.

However, there are also those who feel that Work from home can reduce productivity and work time becomes unstable. Isn’t that right? Which one do you feel?

Of course, this Work from home policy requires us to adapt to the work system. The atmosphere of working at home and in the office certainly feels much different.

So, Work from home is beneficial or detrimental for employees? Check out the advantages and disadvantages of Work from home below!

work from home

The advantages of work from home

First of all, let’s talk about the advantages of Work from home, shall we? For those of you who have experienced these benefits during Work from home, good for you!

More cost-effective

For those whose homes are far from the office, transportation costs or costs are important with a separate budget each month, whether you use public transportation or private vehicles.

Well, during Work from home you don’t have to worry about costs anymore! By working from home, you will save more because you don’t have to pay to go to the office.

More flexible

Another advantage of Work from home is that it is more flexible in every way. You are free to work in any area of ​​your home that makes you comfortable. In the room, terrace, family room, or workspace.

In addition to the place, you can also be more flexible about the time. If you usually only arrive at the office at 9, now you can start working from the morning, even when you just wake up you can open your laptop! Work can be done quickly, right?

You can also feel this flexibility in terms of appearance. There’s no need to waste time on preening or wearing a shirt in the early morning. Just wear clothes that make you comfortable!

Not distracted by the office atmosphere

Have you ever felt less focused at the office because there were so many distractions? Either the sound of people chatting, the air conditioner is too cold (or hot), the sound of the telephone, until someone turns on the music loudly.

Well, during this Work from home you no longer need to worry about all these things! You can create the most comfortable atmosphere possible to work at home as you wish.

Like listening to your favorite music, preparing a snack, or working in a quiet room. A comfortable atmosphere without distraction will make you more productive!

Reduce mobilization stress

For those whose homes are far from the office, dealing with traffic jams when going to and from work has become a routine. rriving at the office feeling tired and reducing the mood to work. If people say, really, “hurried old on the road”.

However, you will not experience this during Work from home! You can take a break from the stress of moving to the office. Now, you can enjoy a calm morning without having to worry about being late or stressing out on the road.

Minimize the transmission of Covid-19

For those of you who can experience Work from home, of course, you should be grateful for this one advantage. As you know, the implementation of the current Work from home policy is to minimize the transmission of Covid-19.

By working from home, you are less likely to catch a disease. You can also maintain optimal health during social distancing at home.

Disadvantages of Work From Home

Apart from all the advantages, Work from home also has disadvantages! Anything? Come on, see below.

Irregular working hours

For some people, the flexibility during Work from home is like a double-edged sword, there are advantages and disadvantages. Weaknesses: flexible time during Work from home can make our working hours become irregular.

The flexibility that exists often makes us too relaxed so that in the end we get stuck. Moreover, here, if your office does not implement a clear absence during Work from home.

Sure, we can continue to work late into the night, but this will have an impact on our sleeping hours. Yep, irregular working hours will make sleeping hours messy too. If you have this, it means you have to be good at managing time and discipline, dong.

Distracted family at home and pets

While being serious about typing work, suddenly the cat climbed onto the keyboard so that it became “aoijdiwnu3209j”. It’s a video conference with the boss, you know, suddenly there is a scream from your mother who calls you, or it could be that your little one enters the room on a whim so that it distracts you.

Yep, maybe you won’t be distracted by the office atmosphere, but you have to be prepared to face these ‘nuisances’ during Work from home! But, of course you can still handle it, right?

Before a meeting or video conference, it’s a good idea to tell family members at home so that no one will disturb you for a moment. You can also lock and mark in front of the door of your room or workspace.

Too relaxed so unmotivated

Work from home may be fun for some people. Unfortunately, Work from home can also reduce our motivation to work.

Whether it’s because of the unsupportive atmosphere at home, being distracted by social media, or being too relaxed, you just want to lie down. Well, things like this can make our working hours a mess!

When you’re not in the mood, try to take a break. Target your rest time too! You can set an alarm to indicate break time so you don’t go too far.

During your break, do things you enjoy to improve your mood. For example, cooking for a snack, watching a funny video, a little exercise, or reading a book. For women, dressing up a little can also make you excited, you know!

Electricity and internet bills

You may be able to save money because of Work from home, but the cost of electricity and internet at home may increase! Especially if your work time is not on schedule, or you can even stay up late at night.

Internet costs that swell really feel if your house doesn’t use WiFi. Better yet, you prepare more budget for electricity and internet bills. Maybe you can cut the budget from the hangout budget and costs.

Communication is not smooth

One of the concerns during Work from home is the lack of effective communication. If usually meetings in the office are face-to-face, now we have to rely on technology.

Fortunately, there are many advanced technologies that can help us communicate during Work from home, such as Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and others. Maybe at first it will feel complicated, especially if the connection is interrupted.

However, if you are used to it, you will feel that communication using technology is also effective and practical, really!