Tech tools you should have before starting your online business

Several people have the desire to start an online business, but only a few know how to go about it. Knowing which tools are essential to your success in the digital business space will give you the confidence you need to launch out. The tools that you will find in this write up ranges from the creation of your website to the measurement of traffic to the site, and results obtained based on your site. Our research to come up with this list also involves visiting software service reviews section to see what customers are saying about a particular tool or software.

Four Tools That Can Aid Your Online Business


Wix is a perfect free tool to create your business website. It is a tool for all levels of computer knowledge. It has some simple instructions and you do not need a technical edge to create your website. Wix allows you to develop, for free, the shape of your website based on a multitude of templates made available to you without spending a single euro. Also, the complete tool allows you to change, modify, delete, and add instantly all kinds of images, texts, videos, etc. It also offers a platform for connecting with your social networks, creation of contact forms, etc.


PayPal is a simple tool that will be very useful whether you are looking to set up a payment gateway or if you want to use PayPal as a form of payment for your online business. It allows you to send invoices, internationalize your sales abroad. PayPal allows you as a payment gateway for free to receive payments quickly as long as your website is integrated with HTML language. You should visit US-reviews for more on how PayPal works.

Social Media

Having a good communication channel on social media enhances the visibility of your new business. Your social media handles should include the following: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Do not forget that social media are a “live” communication channel, that is, you will have to keep your social profiles updated with information about your company, news, or interesting news about the sector, so it is preferable to focus on the social networks you can keep up to date and updated rather than opening profiles on all social media and having them out of date.


Hootsuite is a perfect ally for your business as it allows you to search, schedule, manage, and generate reports on the content of social networks. Network monitoring becomes a simple task through it. It presents a free plan for a user who manages 3 profiles on social networks. It is true that once your business is advanced, it would be convenient to expand the plan, as with most tools and applications.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a totally free and very complete Google tool. With it, you will be able to carry out a complete analysis of your web page, carry out reports, analyze all the traffic that reaches your website, its origin, time on page, bounce rate, from which page they leave your domain, and to which page they arrive, and so on. It offers valuable information for your website from which you can make decisions regarding your website. It is a fundamental tool for an online business and it is highly recommended to start using it as soon as possible.