Understanding Facebook Messenger: Everything You Should Know About It

You are probably using Facebook social media platform, and talked with people, shared new views and engaged with others. As times changed, you have bought a Smartphone and installed FB app and finally Messenger app, which allows you to communicate with your FB friends.

Therefore, we can say that Facebook is the starting point, and generally, if you are active on profile and this particular social media platform, you need to install messenger as the way of communicating with others.

However, apart from communication, connection, and chatting, you will be able to enjoy in-group chats, make phone calls, play video games and use it as SMS messenger.

It is also common for businesses to use it for marketing purposes by implementing smart bots that will talk with potential customers. You should learn more about it by checking out this link: smartbotmarketers.com.

What Is Facebook Messenger?

Have in mind that Messenger is an app that allows FB users to connect, chat and engage with each other through private and group messages. It is similar to texting, but you are not paying for each message, but using internet data instead.

If you are already a Facebook user, the Messenger will connect with it and use your friend list as an address book. Finally, you will be able to send and receive GIFs, documents, images, calls, and play games with other users as well.

It is similar to having a regular conversation with someone and you can send images, clips, your location, voice recordings, memos, photos and quick responses such as thumbs up and heart.

You will also get the ability to use extensions to other programs and apps such as Swelly, theScore, Spotify, Food Network and many more.

Another great feature is that you can communicate with a group of friends by using voice chat or group video chat with family when you are abroad.

The Future Of Online Marketing: Facebook Messenger

When it comes to online marketing, we can talk about numerous categories and methods that you can implement to expand your business.

However, messenger marketing entered a scene a few years back with the idea to use instant chat platforms to facilitate conversations with potential customers and leads.

We are moving from SMS and phone calls as well as emails, and that is why we are using mobile-friendly instant messaging apps such as iMessage, FB Messenger and WhatsApp for instance. It is the most convenient and quickest way to reach someone nowadays.

We all know that it is important to present yourself in a truthful manner, and some companies gravitate more towards customer service and communication channels that most potential customers are using.

Back in the day, people used letters and direct main as the form of communication, which is why people got flyers. When things changed and phone appeared, direct calls and telemarketing changed the appearance.

At the same time, the secure and most common channel changed towards email, and that brought us to a point of email marketing. However, today, all these channels are part of the past and people communicate only on Messenger apps.

Therefore, we can say that messaging apps have high appeal to customers of all sorts since they are too simple and intuitive. The trend will not stop right now, and according to estimations and predictions, these apps will grow in the next few years.

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Predictions That Are Already Happening

The best way to understand where Facebook Messenger marketing will end up, you have to understand how it is today. We already mentioned that these particular apps are becoming more and more popular, which brought us to a point where Messenger Marketing entered the scene.

This will become the fastest growing marketing channel when compared with other types, and since things changed amazingly, we can only expect what will happen next.

The Messenger Commerce

The birth of messenger commerce started last year, and other people call it conversational commerce as well. Today, people are buying services and products much differently than before and directly by using a messenger, which is another trend, which is growing.

We can say that in the future most Messenger apps will start to accept payments, and that will create a significant improvement when it comes to messenger marketing.

What Should We Expect?

The changes we mentioned above are already happening, but what can we expect in the future? The visions stated that this particular marketing method will become more and more widespread among companies and it will play an important role in our everyday lives.

For instance, imagine that you spent a night in a hotel. As soon as you decide to check out, you can see your phone and find a notification from FB messenger. When you see it, you will see the automated message asking how your stay was.

In case that you decide to respond between one and three, the smartbot will ask you what was wrong and what should they do to improve the issue.

In case that you respond by saying that you found it to be dirty, customer service will provide you a free stay and reply on message as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you decide to respond in a positive reaction, Chatbot will give you a link for leaving an online review and thank you for your time. They will also mention that in the future you will have the ability to book a room by sending them a direct message.

By checking out this guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Use-Facebook-Messenger, you will be able to learn how to use Facebook Messenger with ease.

This was an example of a more convenient, easier and quicker way of presenting your opinion and getting everything along the way. It is a much better choice than checking the email for the questionnaire.

Therefore, we can say that you will be able to set chatbots that will automatically send a message based on the previous interaction so that you can improve engagement and customer service.

As soon as someone decides to contact you, they can check you out on Messenger for an instant reply.

Finally, your Facebook page and Messenger will become the point of interaction with your leads and customers, and they will learn where to reach you if they need help, have a question or wish to make a purchase.